The personal photo session “Only One by Hidemi Ogata,” which she started as a life work in 2020, is a portrait project that uniquely draws out the charm of an individual from a unique perspective, regardless of fame, age, gender, or nationality. During one-on-one sessions with Hidemi Ogata in studio, she captures your true essence. We have received many enthusiastic words of gratitude from photo session participants. Some even state that the photo session awakens their life's true mission leading to a new life path.


  • What a great man I am! I am shocked! My image so far has been greatly reimagined ... My shadow projected on the wall is as lovely as my love!

    Mr.K from Tokyo

  • I saw me amazingly poweful with Demi. I feel like I received the best gift at a turning point in my life. Thank you very very much!

    Ms.T from Osaka

  • Hidemi is a person who shoots reality. She quickly sees the essence.
    So I had to seriously jump in her game!
    No, there is no choice but to open the mind ! lol!

    Mr. M from Hirosima